The workshop


Our workshop is where creativity, perseverance, and harmony come together. We work hard and we love what we do.

It is here, in this high-ceilinged space, where all the magic happens . . . or almost. The manufacturing takes place in different factories across Quebec. Our workshop is a bit like the guiding vessel: here we work on the designs, the prototypes, the marketing, the packaging, the deliveries, the product photography, the management, and more.

The glup ship sets sail from Monday to Thursday, and drops anchor on Fridays, giving employees the day off to enjoy time for themselves. The workshop’s stunning outdoor brick wall, which gives right onto the alley, provides the perfect background for our photos. In the centre of the workshop sits a giant harvest table, which hosts our “packaging parties”, meetings, brainstorming sessions, team lunches, and the sewing of our prototypes.

For now the workshop is closed to the public, but it is our dream to eventually be able to greet our customers here.