Kissy booboo bear

Kissy booboo bear

The Kissy-Booboo therapeutic teddy bear quickly relieves ear infections, migraines, dental flare, colics and stomach aches. It is filled with a cereal blend that releases moisture once heated or cooled. This comforting moisture differentiates our product from hot water bottles. Its effect is anti-inflammatory and promotes relaxation.

The Kissy-Booboo therapeutic teddy bear is also recommended for lactating women. Once heated and applied to the breast, the teddy bear releases a humid warmth, helping to relieve congestion in milk canals, reducing paing and promoting better nipple intake for the baby.

Our therapeutic teddy bear is offered in several sizes to provide pain relief for the whole family. Kissy-Booboo conforms to the highest standards in child care, toys and medical devices. We hold the CE medical device certification esablished by Health Canada.

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Kissy booboo bear