Drool Bib leo


Drool Bib leo

A modern take on a traditional bib that ties easily behind the neck. This Drool Bib model is white with a spotted blue and grey pattern.

* Keeps the neck and mouth dry therefore greatly reduces the risk of developing eczema due to moisture.
* Useful for baby to have on while nursing, eating or teething.
* Reduces the size of wash loads as this small drool bib keeps clothing from getting soiled.
* Keeps the neck warm during cooler temperatures.
* Can be worn as headwear in the summer, especially for children under 12 months or as a kerchief for young girls.

One size
Easily fits children up to 3 years old.

Product dimensions: width 65 cm (25 9/16″), heigth 26 cm (10 1/4″)

100% cotton
Machine wash cold
Tumble dry

Made in Canada

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