How to Take Care of glup Products

To best preserve clothing, not just glup accessories, it is necessary to care for them properly. Always follow the care instructions found on the labels of all our products.

Cold water washing is recommended for the majority of our accessories. If the colours are very bright, we recommend washing them separately. TIP: add a bit of vinegar to the first wash cycle of your new accessories to preserve the colours. You can also soak accessories in a bucket of water and vinegar before the first wash. This way, the colours will not run onto other garments.


Hand washing

Some of our accessories require hand washing to keep them looking nice and to make them last. This is the case with the Eclipse cap, the Nomad pillow and the Spirula toy strap.

When hand washing a garment, always use cold water and ensure that the detergent has properly dissolved in the water before adding the garment. Rinse thoroughly.


Dry flat

Lay out the accessories on a flat surface to dry.