Nomad Twister


Nomad Twister

The nomad is a multipurpose cushion with toy or pacifier clip for little ones and parents. This nomad model is white with a pattern of multicolored circles resembling paint can lids (the pattern also reminds us of a very famous family game that also has large colored circles).

* Used as an infant car seat handle cushion, the nomad creates a more enjoyable carrying experience.
* It is ideal for head and/or body support on a playmat or seat.
* The nomad perfectly contours the arm to comfortably carry baby around or to breastfeed.
* It can be used as a travel cushion in the stroller or in the car for you or your child.

Interior content: 100% polyester
Exterior content: 100% cotton

Machine wash separately in delicate cycle
Dry flat

Made in Canada

25,00 $

Livraison 10$ ou
Gratuite avec achat de 50$ et plus.

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Nomad Twister